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Asylum Cases

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Asylum cases vary in situations however it has been subdivided into two large categories. One is the affirmative case and the other is the removal case. Both variation or category vary in specific situations and to help you learn more about it, a summary of both will be provided for you.

So, what are affirmative cases?

An affirmative case involves people or clients that have not been able to apply for an asylum or someone who has does not have connection with services that involves immigration concerns. An affirmative case will need to apply for an asylum and submit the application to the immigration services within a duration of a year after entering a country. However, there are also exceptions. In some situations, other options are available. Some situations call for a duration of 6 months up to a year before receiving a decision, some are similar to work that is very transactional and some have volunteers for help.

On the other hand, removal cases are requiring a reliable attorney to handle because the client of concern may not be able to handle the case simply on his or her own.

When it comes to removal cases, it can involve clients or people that have applied for an asylum however was not given a chance of confirmation or grant. In a case like this, going to court is key to handle the situation. Some cases involve detained clients and are trying to file for their initial application for asylum. Unlike affirmative cases, a removal case may take 6 months however my range up to a year before getting a definite or final decision.

So, what is the role of an attorney in both cases?

In affirmative cases, the role of the attorney is mostly on helping the client build a concrete story to his or her benefit. A file is also created to provide a support for the claim of the client. In the process of the case, documents connected to the case are also assembled. The attorney also helps the client on preparing for a questioning or an interview with an officer from the immigration office. The decision is solely on immigration. The case can be considered done after the interview and a few more steps however sometimes the case can accelerate to the immigration court thus an attorney’s job continues.

In removal cases, the client is dealing with a situation in court. Hearings are done after scheduling it and testimonies, documents and other evidences are presented to support the client. Given that removal cases are more complex, the process can take as long as 2 years however it can also be as sort as 6 months if handled properly.

Whether a client is categorized to belong in an affirmative case or a removal case, both situations call for a professional attorney’s help. If ever you are dealing with an asylum case, whether it is an affirmative one or a removal one, you can always ask for help from You can connect through the website to get the help you need.

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