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How to Do Brick Chimney Repair?

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Indeed, brick chimneys are durable. However, they are inclined to have minor structural damage due to external and harsh weather conditions. The best thing is that a brick chimney doesn’t necessarily have to involve hiring experts to do it for you. To assist you out, here are a few tips on how you can fix damages found on your brick chimneys.

Make sure the chimney is cleaned

If you want to spot the damaged areas, you have to scoop-out and clean all the debris on the chimney. To achieve a perfect look, you need to take out the loose bricks as well. You must utilize a chisel and hammer to split any loose mortar or brick. Then, use a paintbrush to sweep-away the debris.

Moisten the repair surface

As soon as the area is clean, you need to moisten the area you want to repair by soaking a sponge in water and putting it on the spots that need to be fixed. Continue to do so until the surface can retain enough moisture for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. However, be careful not to excessively drench the mortar. Other than moistening the repair surface, you must also moisten the replacement bricks.

Fix the surface

You have to mix ¼ of cement and 2/4 of cement in a wheelbarrow, which will serve as your new mortar. Then, you must put a mortar layer— at least 1/2-inch thick— on the first brick that you would like to use.

Then, you have to put 1 ½-inch mortar onto space where you’re planning to place your brick. Put the brick on the repair area and start pressing it down to minimize the size of the mortar. To guarantee that the brick is placed strongly, you must spread mortar on 3 sides of the brick.

Deal with the cracks

Once you can observe cracks in your brick chimney, you have to knock out the cracked mortar with a cold hammer and chisel. For best outcomes, you have to break out nearly 1/2 inch of mortar beside the brick. Then, you must wet the mortar and brick and slide the new mortar into the cracked part.

To obtain any failing mortar, you must put a piece of wood or a trowel beyond the area that you’re fixing. After you fill the crack, you have to smooth out the area with the trowel’s flat edge.


These tips are what you need for you to fix a brick chimney successfully on your own. However, you must be extra careful as you remove loose bricks so that you won’t damage the whole chimney. Once you think that you lack the proper skills required to do chimney repair or if you don’t have enough time and tools to do it yourself, then we highly suggest you look for an expert chimney repair service provider today to assist you with any of your issues. For more tips and hacks, visit our page more often.

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